Our Engineering Culture

We are happy to announce that today we are making our engineering culture public.

There you’ll find several articles describing how we operate as an Engineering organization. Content varies from hiring and onboarding to architecture guidelines and tech stack. This is information that we are already sharing with new members through onboarding sessions and with candidates we reach out to, but it is generally scattered.

When we decided to make this move, there were mainly two goals in mind:

  1. Create a single, centralized place for our engineers to look at and remember our main practices (internal alignment)
  2. Show to potential new candidates a bit of our day-to-day work so that, if they relate to it, they might want to join the mothership (external exposure)

VCS and GitHub

Things that were working perfectly in previous years may not be working as well presently. Processes, policies, practices, culture- they all change with time. An interesting side-effect of having our culture outlined on a version controlled system is that we can see how it evolves over time. Healthy conversations on decisions that will adapt how we work will only move us forward in the direction we want our tech organization to go.

Another advantage of cataloguing our engineering culture out in the open is that we gain the social aspects of GitHub and the transparency it creates. Contributions such as adding new content, fixing typos, discussing ideas, and others can be done through pull requests. If we change how we do things, one can simply create an issue for discussion and submit a PR with our updated outlook on a topic.

This is only the beginning of a bigger project. It will keep receiving more content as time passes and we are able to share more and more about ourselves. Feel free to explore the repository in case you want to know more about how we do Engineering @ Loadsmart.

We have many open positions at the moment. Interested? Reach out or check our careers page.